AS DIURNAL – aisha pagnes

What insights can we gather regarding the habit of vision through blind exercises?

Sunday 27th @ 5:00 pm will be dedicated to our feet’s sense of touch. Various materials and textures will delineate a path in the studio to walk on. We will have a short warm up, blind practice followed up by time for reflection. 

email Aisha to join!

“I’m testing this method out as a way to find the most suited structure, so it is kept open specifically for this reason. If this seems like something that could interest you please do join! Your support would help me structure the coming sessions better. “

Some tests:

2 weeks blind
floating tank
scuba diving at night
running blind

with people:
ways of not seeing: extensions, googles white, black, lenses, blur  resting in darkness: breathing and listening
running blind
blind walks
rear-view eyes – no eye contact possible, only mirror view
feet for eyes – barefoot walking
experimental blind dinner 24 h
blind writing
on trust – socialising blind in a room full of people

~ attention to: B4 M2 ArtScience
In light of our graduation we are setting up the AS DIURNALS/NOCTURNALS: a temporary platform for the mutual support of our development. We will use the Modular Mondays as well as other suited locations (CLOUD, beach, walks, etc.) to gather the feedback needed. Think of it as group studio practice. Given the participatory nature of most of our works, it is important that we can rely on each other for testing our ideas.