The Seeing Body

Workshop Dancing & Making
This 2-day workshop investigates our visual perception and its different facets as a fundamental element within dancing and composing.
Tuning into the different qualities of the eyes in relationship with the spine and our connection with the ground gives access to the richness of our sensual moving body. Experiencing how our eyes and their activity are deeply wired into the rest of the body allows us to integrate inner and outer awareness with more ease and fluidity whilst dancing.

Whilst the eyes register what they see, the rest of the body engages through the skin in a different way of ‘seeing’ and notices the many zones that are out of sight such as e.g. the ground, the space, a partner or a wall behind us.

Deeply immersed in the physicality of the ‘seeing body’ we can allow the mind to be playful and navigate our imagination and spontaneity as we dance and create. This leads into solos, duets and dance pieces in smaller or larger groups.

Sat 24 June: 10.00 – 16.00, Su 25 June: 13.00 – 19.00
CLOUD / Danslab, De Constant Rebecqueplein 20-B, 2518 RA Den Haag
Costs: € 130,-
Teaching language: English

Please sign up before 14 June 2023. Places are limited.

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About the facilitator:

Bettina Neuhaus is an Amsterdam-based dance artist, mentor and certified Skinner Releasing Technique (SRT) teacher at Introductory (2004) and Ongoing (2011) levels. She holds an MA Creative Practice Dance Professional Pathway from Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, London in partnership with Independent Dance and has been creating work for over 30 years, collaborating with dancers, musicians, visual artists and poets. In her teaching she shares her love for
the dancing body, with its inherent imagination and intelligence, its poetry and infinite possibilities of transformation and expression through which we connect to the world. She teaches Instant
Composition and SRT at major academies, art institutions and independent studios throughout Europe and South America. I Instagram: bettinaneuhausdance

© Photo: Tereza Jurakova, ‘The Page’ by Robie Legros and Bettina Neuhaus, 2022