Flow Contact Playground

Embark on a Journey of Movement, Connection, and Self-Discovery!

🕊️ Are you ready to transcend your boundaries and dance with other bodies and souls? Join us every Saturday for an exhilarating Flow Contact Playground at CLOUD/Danslab!

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🌟 What’s in Store for You? 🌟

🔮 Guided by a team of expert facilitators and teachers, ex-Batsheva dancer and NDT dancers – Let our seasoned professionals lead you on a journey of movement and connection. Experience a truly unique approach to dance and self-expression.

🌬️ Elevate Your Practice with Invigorating Warm-Ups and Breathwork – Start each session with a rejuvenating warm-up and breathwork session. Ground yourself, center your energy, and prepare to dive deep into the dance.

🔄 Dynamic Sessions Every Saturday – 11:45 AM – 13:00 PM – Explore a new dimension of movement and connection every week. From trust-building to elevating your dance, each session brings fresh insights and experiences.

🌈 Tailored for Dedicated Dancers with Regular Practice! This course is designed for those with a consistent dance practice like ecstatic dance, Flow Fusion, improvisation and CI ready to elevate their skills and deepen their connection with movement. If you’re a seasoned dancer looking to refine your technique and explore new dimensions, join us for an extraordinary journey with the Dancing Monk Wizard! 💃🕺

🌿 A Journey Through Five Transformative Sessions

  • Awaken the Body
  • Flow and Momentum
  • Gravity and Elevation
  • Spirals and Curves
  • Closing Ceremony and Integration

🎁 Experience a Fusion of Creative Expression and Partner Work – Embrace the art of spontaneous movement and discover the beauty of shared weight and balance. Deepen your connection with others and yourself.

🎉 Join Us for a Culminating Celebration of Collective Dance – Share your progress, insights, and celebrate the journey with fellow participants. Dance your heart out in a final, collective dance that will leave you in awe!

Date: cycle 2 starting 13 January 2024, every Saturday beside school holidays

🌟 Limited Spots Available! Don’t Miss Out! 🌟 Secure your spot now and be a part of this extraordinary journey with Jerome aka the Dancing Monk Wizard. Embrace the magic of movement, connection, and self-discovery.

Price: 97€ Full Cycle

Student: 47€

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Contact: freeflowmaster@gmail.com

Let your body and soul dance in harmony. Unleash the dancer within you! 🌟


My pleasure to share love with you beautiful people, thanks a lot Jérôme for the opportunity to get this so special safe space, it mean so much to me ❤️

A wonderful playground where I can (re)discover my movability. Not doing, just being. Being danced. No work, just play! Freedom. 

I totally support what you’ve moved within me, because that is the gift I gave myself.

What Jerôme’s class brings me is a place of transformation and recycling of my emotions, through the body. I’m more self-aware in relationship as a result. It also strengthens my faith in human connection, because of the fun and kindness that develops.
future teacher

In this space I can safely practice how to bring the relationship between my body and my mind into one of More equal and Playful cooperation, rather than one of discipline and domination. I become aware – can notice how – my Body/mind are always in dialogue, never static, and I am encouraged to move in the flow – yin/yang – without judgement or resistance. At least, that’s the goal 😉🙏

Getting over mental boundaries about being close to others

Interacting with others on a different level also helps me deal with daily social interaction
Chronic pain management, making it easier for my body to return to a natural flow state
And feeling more at ease in my own body

Magical, just magical. The space: created by beautiful souls and their energies 💫The body is indeed sore today!  and the emotional body allows some soreness too, some sadness to sit along with the amazement of receiving love 💛

Yes. And yesterday’s ending ceremony was the cherry on top. How important it is to be invited and to invite ourselves to connect and treat each other with kindness, love and care. We all know that as human beings and the mamals we are that this helps us thrive.  to the soul (I don’t know her name) who thought of inviting us to do this process.

I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed and appreciated the class – the community the safe space the JOY in the body!  you have (co) created something special 

So what really helps me as a musician is first the connection with my body, which i believe is integral in a performance, being musical or not, beyond that you also explore communication with your colleagues in a different way, as the same you would do in a improvisation in music, you would explore the movements and geometry of your own body in relation to another, counterpoint… so for me is also an ludic way of doing the same i would do in musical dialogue, but without all the self judgments and technical struggles with instruments

Last but not least, connecting your breathing to your movement is an excellent way of connecting better my breathing in my playing, in my case since i play wind instruments is even more, but for a string player or whatever would still be important and healthy, usually we tend to create unnecessary tension and disconnection with our breath when playing
Musician student