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Reconsider Walking & Running

“Zacht- en hardlopen”
Reconsider walking and running
3-delige workshop

Zaterdag 14 & 28 maart 9.30 – 12.30 uur . Zaterdag 18 april 9.30 – 12.30 uur at CLOUD/Danslab

De Constant Rebecqueplein 20b

Do you want to experience more agility and suppleness in walking and running. Learn more about the coordination between ankles, knees and hip joints.
In what way are your head, shoulders, spine and pelvis involved in it?
What role can breathing play to improve your running?
Are you aware of the effect gravity has?

Wil je met gemak lopen en meer beweeglijkheid en souplesse ervaren?
Wat is de coördinatie tussen enkels, knieën en heupen bij het (hard) lopen?
Hoe zijn hoofd, schouders, wervelkolom en bekken hierbij betrokken? Vergeten we de zwaartekracht en de adem niet?

€ 90 voor drie workshops
€ 70 voor twee workshops
€ 40 voor een workshop

Feldenkrais practitioners van Feldenkraiscentrum Den Haag

Workshop are taught in a mix of Dutch and English


MEER: www.feldenkraiscentrumdenhaag.nl


Weekly Classes from Wednesday 15 January 2020 From 21:00 till 22:00

These Mindful Movement Classes are based on the Feldenkrais Method by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais.

Develop a larger awareness of your body’s movements and actions in order to be able to move even more freely and easily.

In the lesson you will go on a playful exploration to discover how you move and enrich your movement options and possibilities.

This doesn’t have to be all serious, as we learn better and faster when we are playing, so we will have fun and play in the inviting, chill atmosphere of the Cloud studio in the centre of The Hague.

This class is for all who are curious no previous movement experience needed. It is an open class , but to have more of an idea of the work i advice to join for at least 3 lessons.

bring your own blanket or yoga mat and stretchy comfortable warm clothes. Studio is open 20:45 so we can start on time ; after the class has started it not possible to join as it is a 45 / 50 minute guided lesson.

I am very excited to start sharing this super fascinating method with you all and i am looking forward to seeing you in the studio!

for more info: cloud.danslab@gmail.com (tav Awareness Through Movement)

First class (try out) 10€, single class 15€, 5lessons 65€, 10 lessons 120€. Students 30% discount ( not for try out class).

You can sign up by sending an email to : info@feldenkraiscentrumdenhaag.nl or cloud.danslab@gmail.com or just drop by !

First block 15 January till 19 February . Second block 4 March till 22 April. Third block 6 May till 1 July.

Mindful Movement lessen gebaseerd op de Feldenkrais methode van Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais.

Ontwikkel een groter bewustzijn voor jou lichaam en jou manier van beweging, zodat je met nog meer gemak en plezier te kunt bewegen.

In de les ga je met een speelse zoektocht  je eigen beweeg patronen leren (her) kennen en jou beweging mogelijkheden uitbreiden en verfijnen. 

Dit hoeft natuurlijk niet allemaal serieus te zijn, want “we leren sneller en beter als we spelen “ dus we gaan ook vooral lol maken en spelen en  dit allemaal in een toegankelijke chille sfeer in de Cloud studio in het centrum van Den Haag.

De les is open en toegankelijk voor iedereen die nieuwsgierig is . Het is een open les maar om een beetje gevoel te krijgen van het werk adviseer ik het tenminste 3x te proberen.

Breng zelf een deken of yoga mat mee en stretchy warme comfortabele kleding. De studio is open om 20:45 zodat we om 21:00 kunnen beginnen; als de les is begonnen is het niet meer mogelijk later nog deel te nemen.

Ik ben super ‘excited’ om met jullie deze fascinerende methode te gaan delen en ik hoop van harte tot in de studio!

Voor meer informatie : cloud.danslab@gmail.com (tav Awareness Through Movement)

Eerste les ( proefles) 10€, losse lessen 15€, 5 rittenkaart 65€, 10 rittenkaart 120€. Studenten 30% korting.

Opgeven kan via : info@feldenkraiscentrumdenhaag.nl of je komt gewoon op de dag .


25 Feb – 10 March 2019

1st workshop / sharing 1 March 19:30

2nd presentation & workshop 8 March 19:30

About the residents

Elien Hanselaer (Belgium) works as an actor and theatre-maker in Belgium and United Kingdom. She has worked with international companies such as Dash Theatre and Odin Teatret. Elien focusses in her work on the feminine aspect of theatre, seeking spirituality and community in her work. The actors create from communal work in an empathic methodology setting, which is radically changing. Elien started an artistic, practise-based research on actor-actor connection in September 2018.

Dasha : My research is focused on communication through touch. I am gathering tools that enrich human tactile sensuality, drawing from all possible sources ranging from academic research to Argentinian Tango dancing. The more fine-tuned our senses are, the richer our tactile communication can be, and the more pleasure and knowledge we can derive from this experience. Skin is out biggest organ. Touch is the first language all of us have used to communicate before we learned to talk. Whether we are aware of it or not, much of our information exchange still flows through our skin. I think it is a language worth mastering.

Judith is an interdisciplinary artist and movement researcher. The body, in its whole existence, is her biggest fascination. Her research focuses on our movement patterns / habits and how we can learn to recognize them and therefore have the possibility to bend /change them . As an artist she has been busy with this with her theater collective of mutli disciplinary artists and friends LUDIC COLLECTIV. As a scholar she is in her 2nd year of Feldenkrais teacher training, where she is learning  about Awareness Through Movement & Functional Integration.

In the last twenty years, the performing arts have spend a great deal of time researching ‘how the artist can get into total interconnectedness (comparable to the psychological concept ‘flow’), seen as the ideal state for an actor or musician to perform. The core concept leading to total interconnectedness is, according to theatre theoreticians, the interconnectedness between the actor and co-actor. In contemporary a acting (training), which has become more and more based on the individual, actors today struggle to connect to the co-actor or practise on-stage empathic listening. In a culture whose already classical dilemma is het hypertrophy of the intellect at the expense of energy and sensual capability, Western theatre today is shaped by theoretical paradigms such as semiotics, deconstruction, psychology, and post-structuralism instead of the empathy, connection and coming together it so desperately needs.
The experiment we are proposing is to look at how performers connect and how they can connect better. We will be researching this through a mixture of theatre, Argentinian Tango and Feldenkrais technique. The experiment functions as an inspiration for the development of dialogical and trans-individual theatre and approach of theatre making that reflects the many dimensions of our humanity, society and potential back to us.