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Residency Léa Canu Ginoux

TOTEM – a research on Laughing
by choreographer Léa Canu Ginoux in collaboration with composer-sound adviser Sharon Renee Stewart

Wednesday February 25th – Friday March 6th

OPEN TRAINING from Thursday February 26th till Wednesday March 4th
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Lunar Dance ritual in Den Haag in Transitie on Thursday March 5th, 19:30 Read more
Open rehearsal on Friday March 6th, 11:00-13:00

“TOTEM”, is thought as a double bill evening with Lea Canu Ginoux and Marjorie D’Amora, who are both co-directors of MEAARI with Geneviève Sorin. They have decided to work on a common thematic “freedom through constraint”, each of them making a solo of around 30min. The project is produced by their company MEAARI, co-produced by theatre de la Joliette Minoterie (Marseille) where they will have the première on 10th December 2015.

How the constraint of an unusual duration of laughter can lead towards freedom? Or how to open up laughter through a body research? How to commit to the main subject of this research: explore the states & qualities variations of laughing? (Sound states, body states, spiritual states). Lea wants to consider its construction like a composition sounds piece through a choreographical Open Form Composition.



Breath deeply, dance healthily, move & laugh gorgeously

Thursday 27 February, 10:30 – 12:00
Monday 2 March, 9:30 – 11:00
Tuesday 3 March, 9:30 – 11:00
Wednesday 4 March, 9:30 – 11:00

Costs: €7,- per training class
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We will navigate between “Body Motion Awareness-Listening”, rhythm & laughing practice. Through formal and experiential body training, we will focus on:
– a structural and organic connection of forms
– the dialectic between the body’s inside and outside input
– experiencing energy in its multiple layers

Furthermore, by exploring the breath as the source that leads the body’s motion, we will gradually reach an engaged physicality in a complete awareness. We’ll travel and investigate a freeing dance through centering movement, energetic flow, economic effort, succession, direction, clarity and creativity. The floor, as our partner, will be a tool to enter, awaken and develop the body’s intelligence : its organization, strength, flexibility, accuracy and honesty.

Sharing some paths of my research on laughing, we will give attention to our inner connection to its physicality, gently exploring ways for releasing our deepest laughter.

Body Motion Awareness-Listening practice is a playground for each person to stimulate his/her own movement and creativity while deepening the understanding of the body/spirit construction and its ‘natural’ technique or organicity.



Born in Marseille, Lea’s intentions and acts have been guided by that cosmopolitan port’s particular qualities : its infinite horizon and it’s appeal for traveling, the unknown, the other. She multiplies her experiences of artistic and cultural exchange, from her performer’s voice and her choreographer’s song. Performer/dancer, she has worked with diverse companies : Subito Presto (dance-visual art, France), Melk prod Marco Berrettini (dance-theatre, Switzerland), PØST Emilie Gallier (dance-installation, France/Netherlands), the Danshuis Station Zuid ( Tilburg, Netherlands) for the chadian humanitarian choreographer Taigue Hamed.

Léa is sharing her artistic work across Europe in Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Prague, Iceland (Nordic House) and Africa (International Choreographical Encounters). She recently was nominated with her piece “Echoing Perception” at “1/4 de la jeune création” by Théâtre Nono (Marseille).

Today, she is associated choreographer at MEAARI and collaborate with Cahin-Caha (Marseille). Creation and interdisciplinarity are the major axes of her artistic path, which she essentially situates at the crossroads of various artistic fields, privileging notions of collaboration at the heart of her approach. She willingly convokes composers, visual artists, actors, dramaturgs, singers, inviting them to share creative projects and to confront their different practices and points of view. A strong artistic personality appears, with a certain sense of audacity, engagement, mixing delicate sensitivity and powerful concentration.

Residency Lea Canu Ginoux

From 26 to 31/08/2012


Echoing Perpection Reserach 1/ Renaissance

A work in progress, a first step into the research about the notion of ‘echo’ and ‘silence’.

A proposal to enter a dynamic meditative space.

It’s two years I’ve been thinking about doing a simple work, where the core movement would be the physical engagement into an extreme slow motion. The body is becoming a sculptural being.
The path drawn on the floor is a calligraphic transposition of my signature. Emerged into slow motion, I keep tracing and re-borning through my signature.

The sounds of my movements are almost unperceivable, but the presence and density of the slow motion generates a deep attention into the details of my movements. One could hear/imagine the sounds connection to what is seen.
when the sound comes amplified, it is echoing what had happened, it is sounds of the begging of the slow motion…
The body vanishing in shadow, and the dark room plunge our ears into the retransmission of sounds which have been process…
Along this path, there is an offer to allow silence and rest.