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Residency | Trouble Wit, Magic and Choreography at the Table | Tilman Andris & Emilie Gallier

On April 27 and April 28, Tilman Andris and Emilie Gallier are again working in CLOUD preparing for their presentation for the International Dance Day (Leiden, 29 April, open to all) and for an experimental afternoon within the walls of Quartair (Den Haag, 1 May, closed event).

To join their performance see http://leideninternationaldanceday.tumblr.com/debibliotheek
or contact emilie@post-cie.com (reservation is recommended since there are only few seats at the table)
Trouble Wit is a theatrical paper folding demonstration performed by magicians since the 17th century. In their performances, magicians used Trouble Wit as an illustration device for narratives.
We enrich the possibilities of Trouble Wit by the use of choreography.
Where this performance usually takes place on stage in front of its audience, we invite spectators to sit around tables and we perform close-up for them at those. We hope for the dinner-table format to serve proximity, friendship, and possible conversations. No dinner is served, but food for thought, causing the imagination of our audience to wander. Spectators learn about the history of Trouble Wit and hear unexpected surrealistic stories. We intend to address the audience’s expectation when it comes to see a magic performance by a male magician and a female choreographer: will bodies disappear, be cut in half? The spectator’s status of co-creator fascinates us and we wish to make our audience more aware of the nuances of their participation (from physically helping, to reacting with ‘aaah’ ‘ooooh’, or to mentally and silently imagining tricks).
Concept, magic: Tilman Andris
Concept, choreography: Emilie Gallier
Supported by: CLOUD, PØST Cie, C-DaRE (Centre for Dance Research, Coventry).