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Residency | Hey Jonathan | Manou Koreman

11 – 24 January

Presentation 23 January 19:00
Open Trainings 14 – 22 January

How can I structure a partly improvised solo in such a way that I can both describe it concretely (for an audience) and keep feeding my own curiosity?

“A flailing seagull searches for enlightenment. His flock has taken to eating pigeons and he cannot stand it any longer. He wants to go up, up and away from here. Just like Jonathan did.

Jonathan is his light, his guru, his everything. He would do anything to be Jonathan. And so he tries.”

Open Trainings
CLOUD resident Manou teaches a release based class, with elements of improvisation and a strong focus on floorwork. The class will culminate in bigger phrase work. During her residency, Manou will be incorporating aspects of her research into the class as well, making it a bit of a playground for exploration.


10:00 – 12:00
Thursday 14 January
Friday 15 January
Thursday 21January
Friday 22 January

Costs: €7,- per class

About Manou Koreman
Manou Koreman is a dancer, performer and maker with a love for cross-discipline work. Born in the Netherlands, Manou trained in contemporary dance extensively before venturing out into voice and theatre work. She trained in New York, Berlin and London where she recently finished an MA in Contemporary Dance at The Place. Both within improvised and choreographed movement, Manou is deeply curious about the body’s senses and how they cross over. As a performer, she is more interested in funcionality of movement within the context of its piece than in traditional aesthetics. As a maker, she is currently grabbed by the media of film and the notion of choreography through edit. She also loves making movement with and for people from all walks of life. www.manoukoreman.com