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Residency | Synergetic Interpolations | Fazle S. & Mári Mákó

22 – 28 February
Presentation Sunday 28 February 19:00

In this residency Mári Mákó (sound artist, sonologist) and Fazle Shairmahomed (artist-researcher, dancer) explore together the relations between sound and movement as immersive of each other.
It builds upon the existing work of Mári Mákó with oscilators and a sensor.

Mári Mákó’s sound installation consists out of one sensor and two oscillators, which allow an immersive physicality to develop. Initially by using the hands to create shadows, manipulate light, and to change the position of the sensor, transforming the soundscape constantly. In performance, physicality is most often facilitated by sound, and therefore sensorially more prominent, which we aim to challenge by enhancing this relation through technological devices and light. This research questions the input-output relation of sound and movement, and different technological devices. How can the relation between sound and movement become diffuse and immersive of each other?

The question of synesthesia will be addressed, as an inter-sensorial exhibition and initiation. We suggest to approach synaesthetic experience as a matter of what extent one experiences inter-sensoriality consciously. An enactivist approach will be used to understands the senses as organs of the body which exist in movement within an environment where perception takes shape, while a cultural specific understanding of the senses is acknowledged as a model that informs the way in which we understand the environment.

Movement Labs
Monday 22 February – Friday 27 February 10:00-12:00 | €7,- per class

This movement lab by Fazle Shairmahomed will offer exercises that sensitize the body which allows to find new relations between the senses, and emphasize the immediate interdependency of the senses. Inspired by Body Weather, Butoh, Fighting Monkey, somatics. The classes offer ways to explore individually and collectively the meaning of the senses to the body in locomotion and dance.

Day 1: Space
Day 2: Silence, tension, and threads
Day 3: Body pointing
Day 4: Urgency
Day 5: Internal bodily patterns

About Fazle Shairmahomed
Fazle Shairmahomed is an interdisciplinary artist-researcher, performer, performance maker, and anthropologist. His work evolves in challenging understandings of inter-sensoriality, the relation between environment, performance, spectatorship, and society, and the ability to learn and train particularly in dance. Fazle studied (MA) Cultural and Social Anthropology (2012) and (BA) Arabic/Middle Eastern Studies (2010) at the University of Amsterdam, University of Leiden, and NVIC in Cairo, Egypt. After ethnographic research in Bosnia-Herzegovina he has reshaped his interests in processes of perception, interpretation, and sensation through physical movement and dance practices. Currently in the process of applying for a PhD position in ethnographic practice as artistic-research on inter-sensoriality in dance among children and spectators. He collaborates with Emilie Gallier and Astarti Athanasiadou on choreographic objects and spectatorship, Ludmila Rodrigues on installations to choreograph the people, and Valentina Lacmanovic on contemporary whirling dance practice. Furthermore he is an active practitioner in the Axis Syllabus research group of Ilse van Haastrecht, and one of the organizers of CLOUD/Danslab. In improvisation dance performance he has collaborated with Ana Leonor Ladas, in organized by Oorsprong Curators. Besides he is experienced in different contemporary dance practices, (contact-)improvisation, Butoh, Body Weather, Biodanza, Palestinian folklore, shamanic dance rituals, and yoga.

About Mári Mákó
Mári Mákó is an interdisciplinary sound and performance artist. She has recently been experimenting with live electronic improvisation. For this piece she is focusing on exploring her own style of performance, primarily using sensors to control the sound of analogue oscillators. Along with this she is also digitally processing these sounds with the intention to realize new sonic textures. Mári is currently studying at the Institute of Sonology at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague, and has been guest student at the Liszt Ferenc Music Academy, Budapest in 2011. She collaborated with composer Mikolay Laskowski, Justin Bennett, Johan van Kreij, among which with a live electronic improvisation set up.