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Presentation | Pt. II – With Observing Eyes | Patricia Vane

bgPresentation: 10 July 2016 | 20:00


Research question:

What could be the pristine behavior of my body in time and space?

I am looking for a pristine behavior of my body in time and space.

I am observing a pristine behavior of me in time and space.

I am observing the initial behavior of my body in x time and x space


What could be the rudimental behavior of my body in x time and x space?

intended goal: to expand the range of freedom from zero
to expand the range of freedom from the existing blueprint of my body to zero.

I found myself growing back home in a dark cave and I knew this could be Heaven. 

Somewhere suddenly I was fascinated by going back to a state of nothingness, trying to be empty.

In Sweden I found meanings of home, of states of being at ease. Going back to a delicate honest unspoiled position. I was looking into the theory of justice. John Rawls, who wrote about the way of depriving, cleaning from presumptions, approach the other with an ignorance to equalize.

When my father was laying in a coma for two months, waking up almost knowing nothing, I learnt about the depriving and the primal habits of a human.

In the middle of May my grandmother passed away and I was confronted with distinct feelings of origins. Who am I? What is my position in this timeline? Why am I here? What is my drive? Where do I come from?

Residency | Habitual Behavior of the Body | Patricia Vane

bergrummet02-10 juli 2016

Presentation: sunday 10 juli 20:00 u.

Labs: 5 july  10:00 till 13:00 / 7 july 9:00 till 11:00

please send an email if u want to join to: cloud.danslab@gmail.com (subject Patricia Vane)

price per Lab : 7€


Patricia Vane studied applied arts at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam.

Currently working in the field of performance art: ‘I choreograph movement, compose sound and design costumes. Space and ambiance are a great contribution to my performances. Therefor I also style sets, make installations and capture my performances on video and in pictures.’

She started forming an ongoing research, using the disciplines dance, fashion design, sound design and visual art to give visual construction to the research.

Philosophizing about the world’s issues of today around segregation, crisis and populism, reading John Rawls justice theories and Erich Fromm’s social discourses, she went deeper into the motives of human behavior. Why are we discriminating. judging, making others lives miserable? Why do we make the other suffer? Why are we not in peace with one another? What makes us behaving bad towards each other? Where does this aggressiveness originate? What is its source?

The main answer that came along: the aggression comes out of those people who are behaving badly. And those people are we. We are the source. It derives from us. It comes from us. From within.

If it is indeed coming from within ourselves she can make a conclusion that in order to find non-belligerence amongst each other, we should find peace within ourselves. To do so, she  has emphasized the great importance of the need of an individual state of happiness and came down to the essential question: How do we get happy*? A seemingly too simple question yet explicitly present in our entire human history.

This proposal for residence at Cloud is part of the happiness research where she studies the natural behavior of bodies/embodiments. In this particular section she will focus on the details of her own physical body being in her original positions. When is her body feeling most natural, safe, comfortable and so: when is the body most happy*?