Residency Dario Tortorelli & International Dance Day

D NO BODY (becoming the character)

26 April – 10 May

Open Training on Thursday 30 April and Friday 1 May, 10:00-11:30
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Performance on International Dance Day Wednesday 29th of April, 14:30-17:30
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Presentation on Saturday 9 May at 20:30 See Facebook event

“Looking for the perfect image, transforming the body into character. My alter ego Romeo Heart. What is the relationship between image and immortality? where does the body stands between these two? How can image influence the performer and his body/state?” 

Dario Torotorelli will be experimenting with his alter ego and existing work ‘Romeo Heart’ as a durational performance. The theme is becoming the character, a contaminated body installed in space while going through transformation. Dario will be working with dancer Judit Ruiz Onandi, who will also host the Open Training during this residency.

About his previous work ‘Romeo Heart’
In a timeless motion, hidden behind his armor ‘Romeo Heart’ remains imperturbable. Pushing the light to different dimensions, bringing tension and resistance to each movement his figure slowly fades out. Inspired by the music of Polmo Polpo, Dario Tortorelli shaped this mysterious character from sound to a living form.  Originally created in 2009, the concept of ‘Romeo Heart’ was presented as a solo for the One Night’s Dance (Dansateliers, Rotterdam) and is the beginning of a series of interdisciplinary works.The performance of ‘Romeo Heart’ is a combination of lighting and powerful sounds that fuses with the endless movement of the body. Romeo Heart has been co-produced with WArd/waRD (Ann van den Broek).

About Dario Tortorelli
Dario Tortorelli (°Italy, 1977) is a choreographer/visual-artist based in The Netherlands. He develops his work under the name of diveinD. In 2009 he shapes the alter ego character ROMEO HEART, used as a main subject in his Shorts and Post Studies that have been exposed as solo performances, art videos and installations. In June 2013 Dario Tortorelli opened a new chapter of the Romeo Heart’s Post Studies by creating the piece “AFTER NEARLY LAND(e)scaping” for seven dancers of ConnyJanssenDanst (Rotterdam). Inspired by film Noir he assembles in this piece the essential elements such as music, light and space in one entity with the subject(s). The strong aesthetic stage setting results in an image of immortality that transforms the performers into characters. In 2014 he creates HARY +++++ (Premiere 4th October 2014, Nederlandse Dansdagen Festival in Maastricht NL). Five bodies as slow-motioned moving sculptures. The 65+ year-old performers are tuned as a group/unity, that gradually separates to become five individual cores. Timing is defined by the tension of the movement. Their bodies are constantly turning around themselves for infinity.

International Dance Day
Wednesday 29 April, 14:30-17:30
For this year’s International Dance Day we invited our the resident of that week, Dario Tortorelli. He will have a durational performance based on his alter ego ‘Romeo Heart.  This performance is part of Dario’s current research at CLOUD.  There is no specific time connected to this performance. You are welcome to walk-in the garden space of De Constant Rebecqueplein any time during 14:30 and 17:30.