Presentation | The Invisible Dancer | Eline van Ark

Saturday 23 May, 20:00, free entrance

The Invisible Dancer is a sensorial dance performance that will be experienced with closed eyes. Since September 2013 Eline van Ark researched the concept of listening to dance, and the possibilities that it brings. Now she developed a piece to imagine dance and feel the movement of the dancer, without seeing it.
During the creative process of The Invisible Dancer, Eline collaborated with people with a visual impairment, residents of the Amsterdam Transvaal neighborhood, and (dance) artists. With their feedback, knowledge and experience as a base, Eline created this piece. Now she would like to share it with you, and hear how you experienced the dancing in the dark. A choreography about blind trust.

About Eline van Ark
Eline van Ark is a choreographer, dancer, teacher and organizer. Work of Eline is sensorial, interactive, and conceptually simple yet strong. In The Invisible Dancer, the sounds of the dancer will activate your imagination. Sound becomes tangible and movements get under your skin. Do you dare to surrender to the tangibility of the dark? Will you find your safety within the invisibility?
Close your eyes to see beyond the shape of dance, and discover how deep the experience can go.

Choreography: Eline van Ark
Dance: Aida Guirro Salinas
Advice: Diane Elshout

Many thanks to: Moving Arts Project, Generale Oost, DansBrabant, CLOUD at Danslab, Visio, and all participants of the open rehearsals!
This project is financially supported by: VSBfonds, Landelijke Stichting voor Blinden en Slechtzienden, Stichting Blindenhulp, Ars Donandi + Russell-ter Brugge fonds, Tugela85, Moving Arts Project.