Residency | Marta Reig Torres


1 June – 7 June

Workshop on Sunday 7 June  13:00-16:00 click here for more information
see Facebook event
Presentation on Sunday 7 June 18:00 see Facebook event

‘’How does the body experience the theme of “Invisible power” (between the body & mind, rational & emotional), but not as contradiction’s forces but as one unity?’’

Marta Reig Torres  will be working together with dancer Angelina Deck and light designer Ellen KnopsOne is the second part of a trilogy on which Marta Reig Torres has been working on, titled The Body Minds. Both One and The Body Works were researched and created in CLOUD/Danslab. During this residency, Marta would like to retake the solo One; brainstorm all the information from the previous two works and generate new ideas for the following and future last part of the trilogy called Rooted.

Marta has been working for some time with the theme “Invisible power”. In this short solo she wants to experience the theme through her own body.  To start again from the solo, is looking back at the piece, and material she already has in order to re-start and continue the process that will lead her to the last and final part of this trilogy, which she will do in the near future.

Credits: One
Choreography & Dance: Marta Reig Torres
Advisers: Angelina Deck & Johnny Schoofs
Music composition: Ivo Bol
Light designer: Ellen Knops

About Marta Reig Torres
Marta Reig Torres  is an independent dance artist. In 2012 she co-created CLOUD/Danslab (previously Danslab) with a group of colleagues as an urge and listening to the needs of the independent field. As a dancer she still performs the work of Nicole Beutler and her own work. She has danced with Conny Janssen Danst, Leine & Roebana, Ballet Gulbenkian in Portugal and with the Dutch National Ballet. As a freelance choreographer, her work has been produced by Korzo Productions and co-produced by Dansateliers, DWA Danswerkplaats Amsterdam, Cadance Festival, De Doelen Rotterdam, Codarts and Meekers. It has been selected several times for the Nederlandse Dans Dagen as one of the most outstanding choreographies of the dance season in The Netherlands and it has been chosen for the Dansclick, the Serie Nieuwe Theatermakers, and in Spain by the “Red de Teatros Alternativos” with extended tours. She also makes location projects and her pieces have travelled internationally to different festivals and venues. She is a regular guest choreographer and teacher at Codarts University of the Arts, and ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in Arnhem.

Marta Reig Torres would like to thank: Conny Janssen, Maria Elshout, Judith v/d Made, Yanaika Holle, Robert Benschop.

Marta will perform “One”  on June 26 at Agony Art/Chisenhale Dance Space in London.