Dancing Inside Collective- Workshops-

 Dancing Inside Collective – workshops

How do we use our range of emotions to relate to ourselves and other?

Dancing Inside offer a series of workshops where we explore the emotional content behind our ways of moving and relating. 

The focus will be on unfolding and translating the metaphorical dance experience into a support in the everyday life. 

Dates and Times:

20.1. Giving: moving oneself toward the other.

27.1. Getting: moving other toward oneself.

3.2.  Removing: moving other away from oneself.

10.2. Escaping: moving oneself away from other.

Time: 16.-18.00

We will explore these actions not only from the functional, but also from the emotional and relational perspective to gain a deeper understanding of how we embody, express and interpret them. Using movement improvisation and verbal reflection we try to integrate our thinking, feeling and doing bodies.

Throughout the workshops we hope to discover the body as a source of information. We hope to offer an opportunity for participants to learn more about themselves through movement.

Cloud DansLAB 

De Constant Rebecqueplein 20b

2518 RA Den Haag


Four encounters: €100

Reduced rate: €60

Max. Number of participants: 15

Sign up:

Claudia: claudia.scaringella@hotmail.it  (tel. 06 10 10 06 71)

Meri: m.a.erkkila@gmail.com (tel. 06 38 72 09 51)

About Dancing Inside Collective:

Claudia and Meri met during their studies at Codarts. Since then they have collaborated on experimenting and creating methodologies based on movement improvisation exercises that allow emotional content to arise. Dancing Inside Collective offers a creative platform for curious people to learn more about themselves through dance and movement. 

Claudia Scaringella: First class BA honour in Choreography and Dance (UK) and student of Master of Arts Therapies (dance movement therapy), Codarts, Rotterdam. Dance improvisation teacher and dancer.

Meri Erkkila: First class BA honour in Performing Arts (UK); student of Master of Arts Therapies (dance movement therapy), Codarts, Rotterdam. Ashtanga yoga teacher.