December Residency 10th-21st Fernando Troya

Born in Madrid, 1989 Fernando Troya has a classical dance background. He is a former dancer at NDT II. He is and independent artist since the end of 2015. He is thoroughly trying to develop a practice that brings him to new places. Talking about subject that matter to him in a personal way.

In his research he is inspired by departing or arriving from images, characters, emotions or situations given by Goya’s works.
This time he is back in the studio to explore more the acting and comical side of emotions that arise from the artist works.

Reminiscente: is a new production by Fernando Troya to be created as a series of chapters in the form of short pieces. These chapters may be performed independently and/or combined (adapting to the needs of the venue), and ultimately culminate in a full length performance.

The chapters will be connected through the concept, aesthetics and structural basis: Francisco Goya: prestigious oeuvre is the main source of inspiration for the aesthetic appearance and content of this new creation.

In Goya’s work mixing dreams, historical events around his time and popular fears and myths; witches, demons, anthropomorphised
animals; nightmares become real in a world where the limits of different dimensions become very fine and seem to permeate one another.

He will be using Goya oeuvre to fuel the physical research. He will not stick to one particular phase of his work, but extending the study to his entire life. Using the wide range of imagery we bring to life a new journey of our own.