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Axis Syllabus workshop with Bariş Mihçi | Sunday, June 4

Masses first – energy design and deployment

workshop on Sunday, 4th of June 2017, 13h till 17.30h

In this one day event we will experiment with abilities on how to deploy kinetic energy while exploring tools on lowering the resistance of inertia. Our segmental body offers many chances to interact with gravity if we recognise and understand how our body masses are interdependent. Questions like how to create Kinetic energy and recycle it to a maximum will be focus of our research. Proposed movement material and improvisation will be used to find efficient deals with the forces around us.

Contribution: sliding scale from €30 till €50

CLOUD is delighted to have Bariş Mihçi to come teach in Den Haag! This is a wonderful opportunity to get to know this great teacher with a wealth of experience in teaching the Axis Syllabus in various contexts and places across Europe. Bariş will give you a taste of how the tools & information compiled in the Axis Syllabus can enrich your dancing. Feel welcome to join us in the CLOUD studio!

More information about Axis Syllabus: www.axissyllabus.org

More about Bariş:

Bariş Mihçi was born 1976 in Wuppertal, Germany and is currently based between Turkey and Europe. He graduated with degrees in social pedagogy, German language, Sports and special education for physically disabled children at the University of Cologne. He completed his studies with a social-cultural research thesis referring to Pina Bausch’s Tanztheater and its artistic research about human relationships. Bariş then began his dancing life. His curiosity about the art of dancing was strongly influenced by following the work of Pina Bausch for over 14 years. Coming from an athletic background, movement was always a big interest to him. In 2001 he was introduced and immersed himself in the Axis Syllabus enabling. Bariş acquired a teacher’s certificate after 4 years and has been teaching regularly for dancers and non-dancers alike across Europe since. He has taught at Studio Hybrid, Dancetrumjette, Espace Catastrophe, the Nomadic College, DOCH, the Cullberg Ballet among many other professional dance training institutions. Bariş’ performance work is based in solo, site specific and improvisation. He has presented solos at Belgart Moment Festival, Festival tanzhautnah, RAC Festival (Brussels) among others. He has also collaborated extensively with Collectif en Transit, devoted to bringing dance to urban public spaces. Bariş is a key organizer of the Nomadic College since 2004 and a member of the Axis Syllabus member assessment panel. Since 2012 Bariş is teaching workshops world-wide in schools or festivals and lives between Turkey and Europe.

Presentation | Moving Material | Axis Syllabus | Ilse van Haastrecht

Wednesday 24 June | 17:00-18:00

During her residency Ilse van Haastrecht​ looked at various layers of the human body. Such as the joint integrity, spinal mechanics, architecture of the foot, muscles as landing cushions.

Through the lens of the Axis Syllabus Lexicon Ilse tested tactics for healthy and safe locomotion and studied how it affects her dancing. In the Study Labs she shared her findings with a group of curious movers, in order to practice sharing these parameters for falling into grace with our dancing body.

During the presentation Ilse will elaborate on some of her findings and conclusions. She will also share about what the Axis Syllabus Lexicon is and there will be a mini workshop walking mechanics.

You are all very welcome to come and participate

Waves and Undulations: Study Lab by Ilse van Haastrecht

Wednesday 17 december 2014

Waves and Undulations – Exploring the Spine

For her research at Cloud, Ilse van Haastrecht asked herself the question: can I actually feel my spine? Where can I touch it? What happens when I move and when I change levels? What is proprioception?  You are welcome to join Ilse in pursuing these questions.

During the Lab, participants will explore these issues through improvised assignments, with prepared material, to study anatomy and to see how we can apply this knowledge to the moving body.

This lab is part of Ilse’s trajectory as a candidate teacher of Axis Syllabus. She looks forward to exploring together with you and she is open to your input and feedback.

What is Axis Syllabus?

AS is an open resource pool for information and findings about the human body in locomotion. The Axis Syllabus Research Community (
www.axissyllabus.org) aims to compile knowledge and reference points to what it might mean to move in healthy and structurally supported ways. The information is constantly tested and updated through classroom and research experience.

The challenges, aims and contexts for the moving body keep changing, as different bodies, situations and individual needs are various. Looking into anatomy, applied physics and bio-mechanical functioning, serves as a frame to help finding best ways of educating ourselves into graceful movement.

Practical information:
Where: Cloud@danslab, De Constant Rebecqueplein 20b, Den Haag
When: Wednesday 17th of December
Time: 16.30-18.30
Contribution: a donation for the studio rent (suggested € 5)

The lab is open to anyone interested in the moving body. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Ilse van Haastrecht.

If you wish to invite friends, please do so. Spread the word!

Thank you!

CLOUD/Ilse van Haastrecht