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Ignite Your Spring Renewal: 3-Day Spring Dance Retreat

❤️ Ignite Your Spring Renewal: 3-Day Spring Dance Retreat in the Heart of Den Haag ❤️

Step into a world of movement, expression, and self-discovery as we present a transformative 3-day dance intensive. Crafted by ex NDT and Batsheva dancers, this immersive experience caters to dancers of all levels. Join us on a journey through a diverse range of techniques, including Release Technique, Contact Improvisation, Fusion Flow, Shake, and Breathwork, and discover the art of self-expression, connection, and artistic growth in a vibrant and supportive environment.

📅 May 18-20, 2024 at CLOUD/Danslab 📅
Mark your calendars for an unforgettable experience! The “Ignite Your Spring Renewal: 3-Day Spring Dance Retreat is set to take place on May 18-20 2024, at CLOUD/Daslab, renowned as the premier dance studio in town, nestled in the heart of The Hague.

Click the link here for registration details and secure your place in this incredible journey of self-discovery and artistic exploration.

🌐 Hosted by Jérôme, aka the Dancing Monk Wizard
Get ready to be inspired by Jérôme, a distinguished dancer and teacher who has journeyed across the globe, sharing his expertise. With over two decades of teaching experience and three decades as a professional dancer, Jérôme brings a unique blend of breath forms, contemporary dance, yoga, and martial arts. Join us as we explore new dimensions of movement, optimize health, and unlock your true dance potential.

Special guest teacher Isabelle Chaffaud and Massage instructor (to be announced) will be joining us. Together, they will conjure magic with you.

📅 Program Day 1:
✨ Flow, Shake, and Breathe® (10:30-12:00) With Jérôme, tap into your inner flow and unlock your creative potential through a fusion of yoga, contemporary dance, soma movement, and martial arts. Dive into breathwork techniques that enhance your physicality, presence, and emotional connection to movement. Dance with passion, authenticity, and self-expression as you leave no stone unturned. (More info here)

✨ Intentional-Efficiency (13:00-14:30) Teacher Isabelle Chaffaud. Developed by Isabelle, this practice delves into the profound understanding that clear inner intention gives rise to diverse qualities and textures of movement. It embraces an approach that allows for the individual exploration and development of each aspect—intention and efficiency—while highlighting their interconnectedness.

✨ Connect and Create (15:00-16:00) With Jerome. Experience the joy of spontaneous connection through the practice of Contact Improvisation and group Improvisation. Develop your partnering skills, enhance spatial awareness, and embrace the exhilaration of dancing in the present moment.

✨ SOMA Breath into Blissful Relaxation (16:15-17:15) Welcome to the transformative world of Breathwork Yoga with Niraj method, where you will embark on a profound journey of deep relaxation and rejuvenation. Through thisserie of guided sessions and experiential learning, you will learn to enter a state of deep relaxation while maintaining full awareness, leading to physical, mental, and emotional healing.

✨ Unwind with Tea and world class home made chocolate cake :-) (17:15-18:00)

📅 Program day 2

✨ Flow, Shake, and Breathe ® (10:30-12:00)
✨ Intentional-Efficiency Method (13:00-14:30)
✨ Connect and Create (15:00-16:30)
✨ Unwind with thee and world class chocolate cake (16:30-17:00)

Day 3 we will use what we have learned the previous day during an ecstatic dance session to close the workshop.

📅 Program day 3
✨ Flow, Shake, and Breathe warm up (12:00-13:00)
✨ Active breath session of SOMA Breath technic (13:30-14:15)
✨ Ecstatic dance session (14:15-15:45)
✨ Food and drinks Potluck (16:00-17:00)

✨ Benefits of all class:

🔥 Transformative Experience: Immerse yourself in a 3-day dance intensive designed by ex NDT and Batsheva dancers. This retreat is curated for dancers of all levels, promising a transformative experience.

🔥 Diverse Range of Techniques: Explore a rich tapestry of dance techniques including Release Technique, Contact Improvisation, Fusion Flow, Shake, and Breathwork. This diversity ensures a comprehensive and enriching learning experience.

🔥 Self-Expression and Connection: Unleash your inner dancer, expressing yourself in an environment that fosters creativity, self-discovery, and authentic connection with fellow participants.

❤️ Guidance from Experts: Benefit from the expertise of renowned instructors, including Jérôme, a seasoned dancer and teacher with over two decades of experience, and special guest teachers like Isabelle Chaffaud, who bring their unique perspectives and techniques.

🔥 Optimize Health and Well-being: Learn from Jérôme’s unique blend of breath forms, contemporary dance, yoga, and martial arts. This holistic approach not only enhances your dance skills but also promotes overall well-being.

😮‍💨 Exclusive Breathwork Session: Experience the profound benefits of Breathwork Yoga with Niraj method, where you’ll embark on a journey of relaxation and rejuvenation, leading to physical, mental, and emotional healing.

⚧️ Supportive Community: Join a vibrant and supportive community of fellow dancers, all sharing the same passion for movement, expression, and self-discovery.

🦶Venue Excellence: The event takes place at CLOUD/Danslab, renowned as the premier dance studio in The Hague, ensuring a conducive environment for immersive learning and growth.

🔥 Personal Growth and Artistic Development: Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or just starting, this retreat offers an opportunity for personal growth and artistic development, pushing boundaries and unlocking your true dance potential.

🔥 Memorable Experience: Create lasting memories as you embark on this unforgettable journey of self-discovery, artistic exploration, and winter renewal.

By joining this retreat, you’re not just attending a dance event; you’re stepping into a world of movement, expression, and self-discovery, guided by experienced professionals, in a supportive and vibrant community. Don’t miss this chance to ignite your winter renewal and embark on a transformative dance experience!

Spaces are limited, so reserve your spot now! Click the link here for registration details and secure your place in this incredible journey of self-discovery and artistic exploration.


🔥 Embrace Your Winter Renewal: 3-Day New Year Dance Retreat

Loved it! Intense and wonderfull. Thank you all for this beautifull 3 days ❤️

🔥 Embrace Your Winter Renewal: 3-Day New Year Dance Retreat

It really moves you 

It was really THE BEST WAY to start my year! Jerome is such an incredible instructor together with his colleague, the program was varied and diverse with so many different ways to explore movement, dynamic, breath, music

Warmth, freedom, bliss

Powerfull and precious

Thank you so much for this fantastic retreat, I loved every bit of it, it was also a great group!

My pleasure to share love with you beautiful people, thanks a lot Jérôme for the opportunity to get this so special safe space, it mean so much to me ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

A wonderful playground where I can (re)discover my movability. Not doing, just being. Being danced. No work, just play! Freedom. ❤️

I totally support what you’ve moved within me, because that is the gift I gave myself.

What Jerôme’s class brings me is a place of transformation and recycling of my emotions, through the body. I’m more self-aware in relationship as a result. It also strengthens my faith in human connection, because of the fun and kindness that develops.
future teacher

In this space I can safely practice how to bring the relationship between my body and my mind into one of More equal and Playful cooperation, rather than one of discipline and domination. I become aware – can notice how – my Body/mind are always in dialogue, never static, and I am encouraged to move in the flow – yin/yang – without judgement or resistance. At least, that’s the goal 😉🙏💛

Getting over mental boundaries about being close to others

Interacting with others on a different level also helps me deal with daily social interaction
Chronic pain management, making it easier for my body to return to a natural flow state
And feeling more at ease in my own body

Magical, just magical. The space: created by beautiful souls and their energies 💫The body is indeed sore today! 😆 and the emotional body allows some soreness too, some sadness to sit along with the amazement of receiving love 💛🚿💦

Yes. And yesterday’s ending ceremony was the cherry on top. How important it is to be invited and to invite ourselves to connect and treat each other with kindness, love and care. We all know that as human beings and the mamals we are that this helps us thrive. 🙏 to the soul (I don’t know her name) who thought of inviting us to do this process.

I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed and appreciated the class – the community the safe space the JOY in the body! 💫 you have (co) created something special 💛

So what really helps me as a musician is first the connection with my body, which i believe is integral in a performance, being musical or not, beyond that you also explore communication with your colleagues in a different way, as the same you would do in a improvisation in music, you would explore the movements and geometry of your own body in relation to another, counterpoint… so for me is also an ludic way of doing the same i would do in musical dialogue, but without all the self judgments and technical struggles with instruments

Last but not least, connecting your breathing to your movement is an excellent way of connecting better my breathing in my playing, in my case since i play wind instruments is even more, but for a string player or whatever would still be important and healthy, usually we tend to create unnecessary tension and disconnection with our breath when playing
Musician student

Annulation policy
2 month before 100%
1 month before 50%
2 weeks before 25%
1 week before 10%
Reimbursement are excluding transaction costs

Going -IN by Shani Bar Dimri

Saturday, April 29th, 13:00-16:00

1. About the workshop


Going-IN is a deliberate physical, mental and energetic action that guides me in my artistic practice. During this workshop we will focus on the primal and ever-changing relation between our anatomy and self-perception. By addressing the body both as an archive of somatic experiences and a landscape that needs to be re-discovered- we will be Going-IN
We will start warn-up with slow and deep bodily work, in order to awaken the awareness of our physical structure and how it shapes our mental spaces. Gradually in individual and group work we will drop words, scan spatial relations and map our actions. 
Using lead improvisations and writing tasks we will allow our bones and muscles intuitions act as storytellers. Letting those stories guide a self-discovery process, spark inspiration and sharpen our performative presence as movers, artists and humans.

Key words | anatomy, layers, biography, unconscious, landscape, writing, locomotion

Who is it for | For artists, dancers and all moving bodies with curiosity to listen closely to their body

2. Link for tickets 

3. About me

BIO | Israeli choreographer and performer Shani Bar Dimri searches for ways of crafting subjective performances. Her artistic research observes the human figure. She studies the structures of the human body as an evolutionary changing body of knowledge. Focusses on questions that emerge from addressing the body as an archive of somatic biographies and a landscape of physical and metaphorical injuries.

Shani Bar Dimri (1988) obtained her Bachelor’s degree in dance at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance (IL), holds a Master’s degree in Art Education from HAMIDRASHA college (IL) and graduated Kelim biannual choreography program (IL). 
From 2015 onwards Bar Dimri dedicated herself to create her own works. Craft (2015), Fitna (2018), Roaming (2019), Anatomy of (un) Holding (2021). Physical details and geometrical lines are an aesthetic key in her works. Shani participated in the first edition of 1|2|3 -a development program for emerging choreographers in Suzanne Dellal Centre (IL), and was invited to perform her latest solo in Dans in Ontwikkeling, Schiedam (NL). 
Today, Bar Dimri based in the Netherlands, participating the NAPK-START mentoring program (NL) and continues to place the wisdom of the evolving moving body as a source of inspiration.

Contact info | Shanibar.dimri@gmail.com | 06 25 35 43 81 | WEB
Instagram: Shani_bar_dimri
FB: Shani Bar Dimri – Choreographer

Falling into the unknown: contact & improvisation workshop

In this contact improvisation class, we will explore the concept of surrendering to the unknown. We will investigate the sensation of falling from one axis to another, and inquire into what happens in the space between those falls.

By practicing being in the unknown, we will discover new possibilities for movement and connection with our dance partners. We will also delve into the idea of finding balance within imbalance, and how this can lead to a deeper sense of trust and collaboration in our dance.

Throughout the class, we will cultivate a willingness to be without answers, and embrace the journey of discovery that arises from surrendering to the present moment.

All levels of experience are welcome, so come with an open mind and a desire to explore the depths of movement and connection. See you on the dance floor!

About the facilitator:
Ady Elzam is a dancer from Israel based in Den Haag. Ady studied and danced with Vertigo dance company, Dede dance and a few more dance groups in Israel. He trained extensively in CI and Instant composition with many of the leading teachers in the field. Ady is curious especially around the question of what is improvisation and how can we engage with it. As a teacher he likes to present his students with the unknown..

Sunday 23rd April – 13:00-18:00

CLOUD/danslab studio

Fee: 50€

Registration: Ady – +31 6 58859045

Join us for this unique opportunity to explore the practice of contact improvisation in a safe and supportive environment!

workshop|The Ilan Lev Method (ILM) Ady Elzam

The Ilan Lev Method (ILM) aims to connect you with your unhabitual self. Depatterning your movement vocabulary by introducing change and challenge to work with ease. The practice is simple and fun, anyone can partake. Yet you can dive deep and far into your body, and find places and movements you did not know existed.
Who is this introductory workshop meant for?
Anyone that has a body, and anyone that wishes to move in a way that challenges the habitual!
We will take around 2 hours to dive deep into the body, opening it layer after layer with a few simple functions of movement. After that we’ll have a small presentation of what we call “Quickies” – 10min sessions on a treatment table – showcasing some possibilities that the method provides us with.

About the facilitator:
Ady Elzam is an ILM practitioner since 2011, he trained with Ilan in Israel for several years and has been teaching and giving individual treatments for more than 10 years.
Ady is trained (and worked extensively) as a professional dancer, he draws a lot of inspiration into his work from the artistic world of instant dance/movement. He is particularly interested in the link between the way we move and the quality of our life, and how we can influence the two.
Ady likes to challenge and be challenged, in a soft and open manner, and likes to dive deep into the core of what’s in front of him.
Ady’s website: www.adyelzam.com

Tuesday December 27th – 2022
16:00 – 18:00 – Workshop
18:00 – 19:00 – Quickies

CLOUD at danslab
De Constant Rebecqueplein 20b
2518 RA Den Haag

Workshop 15€
Quickies free

For more info and registration: office@adyelzam.com

FB event: https://fb.me/e/2s650qroj

Website event: http://adyelzam.com/teaching/ilan-lev-method-introductory-workshop

FALLING IN | Marta Wörner

pre- Residency Workshop: 

26 & 28 Feb 16:30 – 19:30 / 2 & 9 March 10:30 – 13:30/ 3&10 March 13:00 – 16:00

Fee​: 15 euros* for the whole workshop.
*The symbolic fee of the workshop is meant to cover the cost of the space. However, if any participant has a firm wish to attend but an honest economical impediment, the participant can communicate the situation to the organization and not be charged

In this workshop, we will explore the physical, psychical and sensorial implications of the action of “falling in”.
Inspired by the Deleuzian concept of “becoming” (coming from the Latin verb “devenire” which means “coming down, falling in, arriving to”) Marta Wörner proposes the inquire of the fall as a physical door to the unknown. Understanding “falling in” as an uncontrolled abandoning the body to the force of gravity and embracing its implication on the mental state of the performer, we will focus in the re-organization of the body in between moments of physical balance.
It is a play between controlling and “falling in” in which the participants will inquire the potential of their articulated movement, the openness of the body worked through the relaxation and conscious use of the core, and the awareness of the space.

The kinetics of the human body and its ability to reorganize itself to become another thrives me. As a maker, Marta is interested in exploring its interaction with other structures that do not change or move that way, as the established structures in the city or fundamental building blocks of our thoughts and beliefs.

The workshop also has the aim to invite a selection of participants to the following artistic residency of Marta Wörner at CLOUD DansLab, in which she will continue developing her artistic research.

Defining the body as a natural structure, she always wanted to learn from it. With the firm thought that the body has an inherent valuable knowledge that I can not name yet, but intuit it, I always moved.
Her other fascination is the deconstruction of the space through the scenographic tools and the dramaturgical possibilities of it.
The goal with this research is to build a space between the theatre and the street through the deconstruction of space and scenographic dramaturgy as tools, which allowed me to explore the dichotomy solid-fluent/structure-destructure and its application and affections to the body, all below the inspirational umbrella of the idea of performing the concept of “becoming” and reflecting on it.


The artistic residency at CLOUD DansLab will start with the workshop FALLING between 26 Feb- 10 March , the reserach stage of the residency will be carried out between the 13th and 26th of May.
In this two weeks residency at CLOUD DansLab, Marta wants to explore the implications of transferring my findings on the embodiment of the Deleuzian concept of becoming as a tool for material creation to other dancers/performers..

Action Dance by Sandra Kramerova

Join Sandra Kramerova at Cloud for Action Dance workshop every second Saturday of the month! Sept 9, Oct 14, Nov 18 and Dec 9 14:00-16:00 . Come explore athleticism and physical theater of effort though imagination and action based improvisations. Action Dance workshops focus on energy flow, functional motion, creative decision making and anatomical expressivity. The first workshop is happening on Saturday September 9th at 16:00 as part of DCR Festival. Come try it out for free!

Butoh Workshop| CHORE O’GRAFFITI | Yuko Kaseki

20 – 24 April
From 10:00 – 15:00 | 200
Facebook event >

After the success of the first Butoh workshop at CLOUD/Danslab,  lead by butoh master Natsu Nakajima, we organize the second butoh intensive week, now with 2nd generation butoh artist Yuko Kaseki.

About the workshop CHORE O’GRAFFITI
Dance is an odd job and graffiti is sprayed fast, erased and painted over and over in urban space. What is choreography? What is improvisation? What is life? Breaking the border of systems and accidents that feed each other to find their own way of creation. Take risk in the process for progress, to print on a new surface.

Participants are asked to bring their own theme for a performance, develop and demonstrate it. The intention of the workshop is to expose oneself to the possibilities and challenges of damage, and re-creation. Furthermore we will establish original movements through improvisation with image, gesture, space, and relationships and thus increase body awareness.

The physical training will be based on Noguchi gymnastics, elements of Tai-Chi, and Butoh methodology. We practice the whole body to make it permeable for the awakening and the deepening of our layers of sensitivity. We will attempt to explore how we associate the variations of our inner body in relation to the outer by listening honestly.

About Yuko Kaseki
Yuko Kaseki lives and works as a freelance dancer, choreographer and teacher in Berlin since 1995. She studied Butoh dance and Performing Art in HBK Braunschweig with Anzu Furukawa and danced in her company Dance Butter Tokio and Verwandlungsamt in 1989-2000.

Yuko Kaseki and Marc Ates founded the dance company cokaseki in 1995. She has been involved in various projects with musicians and visual artists.

Solo and ensemble performances, improvisations are performed throughout Europe, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Canada, Mexico, Uruguay, Argentina, Australia, Russia and the USA. These works are physical performance that incorporates Butoh, contemporary dance, object design, texts, and soundscapes. Yuko Kaseki performs and organizes improvisation series “AMMO-NITE GIG” (Vol.1 – 48 and on going) with international performers and musicians since 2004.

Collaboration with inkBoat (San Francisco) since 2001, CAVE (New York), Isak Immanuel/Tableau Stations(San Francisco), Theater Thikwa (Berlin), improvisation duo with Antonis Anissegos(Berlin) and others.


Registration and payment
Registration for 5-day Butoh workshop by Yuko Kaseki with an intensive training of 5 hours per day. The number of places is limited.

Early bird €200,- if registered before 18th of March
Late bird €220,- if registered after 18th of March
Drop-in registraton per day: €44,- (note that cancellation policy does not apply for drop-in)

Please register by mail to cloud.danslab@gmail.com
with Subject Title: Registration Butoh Workshop

Payment details will be provided and registration confirmed when payment received on CLOUD/Danslab bank account.

Cancellation policy
If you unfortunately have to cancel this workshop by any reasons, these are the conditions:

  • Before 18 March,   €20,- for administration expenses will be deducted
  • After 18 March, the cancellation has a fee of 30% of the total amount: early bird €60,- or late bird €66,-
  • After 1 April, the cancellation has a fee of 50% of the total amount: early bird €100,- or late bird €110,-

Previous Butoh workshops at CLOUD/Danslab

Natsu Nakajima from 18 – 21 August 2015

CLOUD Club #11: SHAKEN | With Zwoisy Mears-Clarke

Yes! The next CLOUD Club will be on Saturday, April 9th, 2016!

Our resident Zwoisy Mears-Clarke will guide an intensive shaking session.

Doors open at 19:30
Session starts at 20:00 (no entrance after 20:00)
Contribution: €7,5

The physical practice of shaking is a personal preparation of “getting in tune” with ourselves so that when we sit the tensions will be dissolved. The repetitive action of continuously shaking can lessen and grow in intensity as we experiment with what state of the body/mind will be produced through this active release.

CLOUD Club is an experimental dance session where a new dancer/choreographer/artist is invited to guide a journey of about 2 hours. CLOUD Club is for everyone interested, from any ages and backgrounds – no expertise required! Read more on: CLOUD Club

Facebook event >

About Zwoisy

Zwoisy Mears-Clarke was born in Jamaica and immigrated to U.S.A. at the age of 13, before heading off again at 21. Following this ongoing migratory experience Zwoisy’s work focuses on the translation of untold stories. Paired with discussion of written and oral stories throughout the process of creating each piece, full-bodied movement, gestures, scholarly literature and collaboration are used to support its materialization. The aim of this process remains to provide alternatives ways to share experiences and form connections between estranged communities. Zwoisy received a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering at Columbia University, New York City and a B.A. in Physics and Dance at Oberlin College, Oberlin, U.S.A. in 2012. Within the work, one will find that these opposing yet complementary concepts of the body are connected. In the recent years, Zwoisy has studied with Billie Hanne, Jodi Melnick, Kirstie Simson, Mary Cochran, and Nancy Stark-Smith, and has performed the works of Isabelle Schad,Susan Rethorst, Kyle Abraham, Will Rawls, and Wendy Jehlen. Zwoisy has performed and shown work at venues both in Berlin and New York City, such as HAU, Sophiensaele, New York Live Arts, the Tank and the Glicker-Milstein Black Box Theatre. Currently, Zwoisy is based in Berlin.

Read more: Zwoisy’s website
Vimeo: vimeo.com/zwoisymearsclarke

Workshop | Uncover Your Grace | Kim Brice

13 February, 14:00-17:00

Uncover Your Grace :
Blending with the energy of Aikido
Grounded, Relaxed, Alert, Centered and Energized

About workshop
Give yourself and a loved one a Valentine’s gift: an afternoon of pleasurable, grounded and harmonious movement.

On Saturday February 13 from 14h00 to 17h00, Aikido teacher Lawrence Warry joins Nia teacher Kim Brice to create an afternoon of movement grounded in the techniques and philosophy of Aikido, the martial art of harmony. The focus of this playshop is to experience GRACE through movement: Grounded, Relaxed, Alert, and Centered.

The afternoon will start with a warm-up blending practices from Nia and Aikido, followed by a session of Aikido practices that will teach you how to move from your body’s center in a grounded, relaxed and fluid way. After a break, Kim will lead a Nia class which will incorporate the principles you have learned. We will end the day with mindful relaxation techniques from the traditions of Shiatsu and Thai massage.

This event is open to men, women and children 12 years or older. Bring your loved one!

Cost: Contribution based on your level of pleasure and gratitude, cash only.

For more information and to sign-up go to: http://www.graceandgrit.nl/events/#saturday


Sound and Movement Class with TodaysArt/4DSOUND

SpaceBody Intelligence – Sound and Movement class by Rob Jan Liethoff, with 4DSOUND & TodaysArt, supported by CLOUD/Danslab

CLOUD is joining forces with TodaysArt Festival on this exciting workshop on September 25th and 26th. We’ll be there and we are excited to invite you to join this special Sound and Movement class.

Premiering at TodaysArt 2015, the festival for contemporary art and music in The Hague, Netherlands, 4DSOUND: Circadian presents interdisciplinary works from a diverse set of artists – all created exclusively for the Electriciteitsfabriek.

4DSOUND prepares a 24 hour program of interactive spatial sound performances featuring Lisa Park, Marco Donnarumma, Kazuya Nagaya, Oscar Mulero, the overnight A/V meditation project Noqturnl by John Connell and Florence To, and more to be announced. The event includes an opening conference, a sound and movement workshop, immersive sonic meditation, participative spatial performances, overnight collective dream state.

Robert Jan Liethoff is a Berlin-based actor, dramaturgist and voice movement teacher. His work draws on aspects of voice physiology as a departure point for the development of sound-oriented bodywork. He is fascinated by the body’s own intelligence: his compositions often begin from the concept of a raw, or formless space-state, from where they begin to move towards clearer specific forms and structures. (Go to: Robert Jan Liethoff’s site )

Robert will host the sound and movement class and a lecture for 4DSOUND: Circadian inviting participants to explore a ‘physical’ listening practice. Investigating how we perceive sound composition, what the body considers a ‘healthy’ sound texture, our ability to perceive sound internally as well as externally, and the influence this has on our spatial awareness of space both internal and external, and the sense of self that emerges from this understanding.

Capacity: 50 people per class
Friday 25 September & Saturday 26 September
11:00 – 12:00 (please stay updated with the schedule as changes may happen later!)

Location: Electriciteitsfabriek, The Hague

Participation Fee: € 8

                  Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 18.34.48

About the 4DSOUND: Circadian

4DSOUND is a laboratory and cultural collective exploring Spatial Sound as a medium. Since 2008, it has developed an innovative Spatial Sound technology that has significantly improved and expanded the possibilities to create, perform and experience sound spatially. 4DSOUND is a fully omnidirectional sound environment, where the listener can appreciate Spatial Sound images in a virtually unlimited spatial continuum. Sound can move infinitely distant or intimately close to the listener: it moves around, as well as above, beneath, in between or right through them.

A 4DSOUND environment allows for a natural reproduction of sound sources in a spatial environment. The loudspeakers are completely transparent: instead of listening to speakers, one is listening to space.

4DSOUND is at the forefront of researching and demonstrating how Spatial Sound is becoming intertwined with a broader cultural movement that propagates self-awareness, social cohesion and sustainability. Spatial Sound is at the heart of a development leading to an Ecology of Listening – influencing the quality of the listening environment to enhance our mental and physical state.

Waves and Undulations: Study Lab by Ilse van Haastrecht

Wednesday 17 december 2014

Waves and Undulations – Exploring the Spine

For her research at Cloud, Ilse van Haastrecht asked herself the question: can I actually feel my spine? Where can I touch it? What happens when I move and when I change levels? What is proprioception?  You are welcome to join Ilse in pursuing these questions.

During the Lab, participants will explore these issues through improvised assignments, with prepared material, to study anatomy and to see how we can apply this knowledge to the moving body.

This lab is part of Ilse’s trajectory as a candidate teacher of Axis Syllabus. She looks forward to exploring together with you and she is open to your input and feedback.

What is Axis Syllabus?

AS is an open resource pool for information and findings about the human body in locomotion. The Axis Syllabus Research Community (
www.axissyllabus.org) aims to compile knowledge and reference points to what it might mean to move in healthy and structurally supported ways. The information is constantly tested and updated through classroom and research experience.

The challenges, aims and contexts for the moving body keep changing, as different bodies, situations and individual needs are various. Looking into anatomy, applied physics and bio-mechanical functioning, serves as a frame to help finding best ways of educating ourselves into graceful movement.

Practical information:
Where: Cloud@danslab, De Constant Rebecqueplein 20b, Den Haag
When: Wednesday 17th of December
Time: 16.30-18.30
Contribution: a donation for the studio rent (suggested € 5)

The lab is open to anyone interested in the moving body. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Ilse van Haastrecht.

If you wish to invite friends, please do so. Spread the word!

Thank you!

CLOUD/Ilse van Haastrecht

‘Body Language’ Workshop

Based on the physical system developed and created by choreographer Edan Gorlicki and the dancer Mayke van Kruchten, the ‘Body Language’ workshop leads up to the creation of performance-installation ‘Body Language’.

Location: CLOUD Studio, Den Haag
When: 15/11/2014 from 12:00 to 16:30 (with a 30 minute lunch break)
Costs: 35

Registration before 12th of November:

The ‘Body Language’ physical system is the second part of an ongoing study on power and control. The goal while creating the system was to try to give the body full control of what the body does and then to discover the bodies choices. To find this out, Edan, together with Mayke, searched for a way to minimize or even eliminate mental judgement, choices and creativity from the movement vocabulary; giving power to the body. This way everything the body does would come from the body itself and not from a mental command; An impossible task perhaps, none the less, an interesting one.

This workshop will take you through the steps of this physical system and lead you through a path of letting go mentally, discovering your body’s physicality.

How do we do that:
First we will limit our physical possibilities to a very minimal range, challenging your mind to the maximum. Once we have practiced that and become more comfortable with the limitations, we will start to delayer the rules; opening up the possibilities within the structure. Eventually, giving the body full freedom of moving possibilities but maintaining the concentration level of listening and discovering as things happen.

Finally, you will experience a very active physical experience of movement fully choreographed by your own body, taking you on a fascinating journey and leading you to places and situations you would otherwise not bring yourself to.

About Edan Gorlicki
Born in Haifa, Israel, Edan Gorlicki is a choreographer, teacher and movement research artist based between Heidelberg, Germany and Groningen, the Netherlands. Edan has performed the works of may choreographers such as: Ohad Naharin,  Itzik Galili, Guy Weizman & Roni Haver (Club Guy and Roni) and many more.

Edan is familiar to many of us because as the creator of LAMA movement research.He will share more of this during the morning classes and movement class at our friends in Dansateliers (Rotterdam) from 10th till 15th of November.

In 2007 Edan co-founded Random Collision, Groningen – a platform developing and bridging between young makers and their audiences. There he also initiated the first movement classes in the Netherlands, which inspired Dansateliers (Rotterdam) and Korzo (the Hague) to follow this formula that develops a bridge between makers and their audience.