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Residency | Marlieke Burghouts

2 – 8 May
Presentation 5 May 18:00 Facebook
Movement lab monday till thursday from 100:00 till 11:15 am

During the residency Marlieke Burghouts is going to deepen out the first stages of her research into the embodiment and staging of ‘willfulness’ and ‘willingness’.
(Sara Ahmed Willful subjects Duke Press 2014 )

This research is conducted in relation to the whole body, but in particularly in relation to the action of raising the arm and the diverse meanings and readings this gesture can have.

My interest lays in investigating how the individual body, in this case myself, experiences willingness and willfulness and how that influences the actions and shaping of the body. Where do my decisions spatially and physically bring me?

The work will be created in collaboration with sound artists Jeske de Blauw en Mark IJzerman.
About Marlieke Burghouts
Marlieke Burghouts is a dancer, choreographer and teacher active in the Netherlands. In 2014 she graduated from the MA Choreography of Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London, UK. There she developed a deep interest in researching how the body is being shaped within society. Specifically she researches how we make decisions, how the physical body is ‘inscribed’ and shaped and how our identity is formed through culture and societal structures.
Marlieke has taught modern classes in upstate New York, New york City, Rotterdam, the Hague and Delft and will continue to teach modern classes and improvisation workshops throughout the Netherland and Europe


Workshop | Anatomy, Movement, Improvisation | Marlieke Burghouts

Sunday 15 November | 14:00-17:00 | €25,-

In this workshop we will explore animalistic and dynamic movement quality by deliberately using the connections of the muscled and joints in the body. This exploration aims towards articulated, yet organic flow of movements that, through the process, become instinctive.

This research aims to look at the body as a whole and connected by looking into the relations of the different joints and the muscles that activate them. Building up the alignment in the body by connecting different points in the body. We will be going into the artistic research with an anatomical basis.

Registration and payment
Please register by mail before 8th of November to cloud.danslab@gmail.com

Payment details will be provided and registration confirmed when payment received.
The costs of the workshop are €25,-

About Marlieke Burghouts
Marlieke Burghouts is a dancer, choreographer, teacher and workshop leader who works primarily in Europe. In 2014, she received the Trinity Laban bursary award, allowing her to attend the M.A. Choreography at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London. Her graduation performance was staged in London and Eindhoven (NL). She has created and presented work at Dansateliers Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Marlieke has danced for TNSP, the People Movers, Ekilibre Dance Company among others in New York City, Compagnie Lumen in Lausanne, Switzerland en Legitimate Bodies Dance Company in Ireland. She is currently based in Amsterdam and leading dance workshops for all sorts of dancers.