Residency Antonin Comestaz

30 March – 10 April

Performance  24 May  19:30 Read more
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Choreographer Antonin Comestaz will work with dancers Jefta Tanate & Inés Belda Nácher, exploring the spontaneous reactions of two different entities who find themselves in presence of each other in confined space, by mistake or hazard, against there will. One task will be to define the protagonists (which wont necessarily be “Human”) through there physicality and personality. Then, what situations will arise from the encounter? Which behavior will they adopt? Aggression? Affection? Mimic? Will they be able to tame each other? Antonin proposes a reflection on the mechanisms of the mind in presence of “the other”, the unknown.

Antonin Comestaz

Antonin Comestaz (1980) is a French dancer, choreographer and multidisciplinary artist based in The Hague (NL). He trained at the Paris Opera Ballet School and went on to dance with companies including Paris Opera, The Hamburg Ballet, T.T.M (Tanz Theater München), Ballet Mainz, and Scapino Ballet. During his tenure at these companies, Antonin has worked with renowned choreographers, such as John Neumeier, Marco Goecke, Rui Horta, Carolin Carlson, Ed Wubbe, and Jacopo Godani among others. Antonin’s artistic career has been forged by his ability to constantly explore and redefine boundaries in the various fields of dance, from ballet to neo-classic, modern and improvisation.

Antonin began choreographing in 2006. His works have since won a number of awards and nominations, such as for “Hand in Hand” (Nominated at The international internet dance festival SideBySide-net 2006), “Flesh and Blood” (Nominated at The International Choreography Competition Hannover 2008), “She” (1st prize for interpretation, 3rd prize for choreography, as well as Audience Prize at the Stuttgart Internationales Solo-Tanz-Theater Festival 2010).

Since 2013 the primary focus of Antonin’s work has been freelance choreography. That year marked the creation of his landmark cross-genre piece, “Out of the Grey”, commissioned by Korzo Productions in The Hague. It has since been performed in various festivals across Europe, and was selected to be part of 2014 Priority Companies by Aerowaves. His second venture in collaboration with Korzo was the 2014 creation, “Plastic Junkies”.

Antonin possesses a passion for drawing and music and has composed music for most of his pieces to date. His works often revel in the absurd & darkly comic expressions of everyday life and humanity, using his playful, quirky and highly engaging choreographic style.