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CLOUD Club #13 Hypnosonic Encounters with the Unknown | with Virginie Dubois

Next CLOUD Club will be a sonic trip to the unknown. Guided by sound artist Virginie Dubois (FR/NL), we’ll depart on a trance session, with sounds from here and the beyond. Virginie is preparing a new piece specially for this occasion, and you’re invited to join her experiment of ‘entrainment’ at the CLOUD/Danslab studio.

Entrainment in Biomusicology in the synchronization of organisms to an external rhythm. Together and with the construction of rhythms provided by Virginie, we’ll tremble, shiver and burst to beats from around the world.

This will be the first time that CLOUD Club hosts a sound artist to provide the dancing experience. CLOUD Club is an experimental  space to engage artists, choreographers, dancers, movers of all kinds and the audience on the dance-floor. Organized by CLOUD members Fazle Shairmahomed and Ludmila Rodrigues.

We hope to see you then!

Friday 21st October 2016
Doors open at 20:30
Session starts at 21:00
(No entrance after 21:00)

Please be on time!
No shoes allowed, socks will rock!
Contribution € 7,00
Feel free to bring your own drinks

About Virginie Dubois:

Virginie Dubois (FR, 1977) completed her art studies at the KABK Royal Academy of Arts & Koncon/Royal Conservatory in The Hague in 2013, and received a second master degree in applied arts at the Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam in 2014.
Her work focuses on the relationship between sound, space and architecture; and more generally between sound and the listener.
Using architecture and urban places as musical instruments, Dubois explores the sonority of space and develops sound installations, sound walks and public interventions with the idea to enhance the acoustic qualities of the space.

“In my approach, ‘walking’ and ‘listening’ are essential: they are the fundamental tools at the heart of my practice. By bringing awareness and presence to simple actions and social behaviors, my goal is to invite the audience to experience ‘listening’ as a playful and powerful methodology.
From walking to intentionally wandering, from hearing to carefully listening, one will learn how to consciously, and fully partake to the environment.
It is then, that the perception of sound becomes a spatial event, a material phenomenon, and a physiological experience.”

CLOUD Club #11: SHAKEN | With Zwoisy Mears-Clarke

Yes! The next CLOUD Club will be on Saturday, April 9th, 2016!

Our resident Zwoisy Mears-Clarke will guide an intensive shaking session.

Doors open at 19:30
Session starts at 20:00 (no entrance after 20:00)
Contribution: €7,5

The physical practice of shaking is a personal preparation of “getting in tune” with ourselves so that when we sit the tensions will be dissolved. The repetitive action of continuously shaking can lessen and grow in intensity as we experiment with what state of the body/mind will be produced through this active release.

CLOUD Club is an experimental dance session where a new dancer/choreographer/artist is invited to guide a journey of about 2 hours. CLOUD Club is for everyone interested, from any ages and backgrounds – no expertise required! Read more on: CLOUD Club

Facebook event >

About Zwoisy

Zwoisy Mears-Clarke was born in Jamaica and immigrated to U.S.A. at the age of 13, before heading off again at 21. Following this ongoing migratory experience Zwoisy’s work focuses on the translation of untold stories. Paired with discussion of written and oral stories throughout the process of creating each piece, full-bodied movement, gestures, scholarly literature and collaboration are used to support its materialization. The aim of this process remains to provide alternatives ways to share experiences and form connections between estranged communities. Zwoisy received a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering at Columbia University, New York City and a B.A. in Physics and Dance at Oberlin College, Oberlin, U.S.A. in 2012. Within the work, one will find that these opposing yet complementary concepts of the body are connected. In the recent years, Zwoisy has studied with Billie Hanne, Jodi Melnick, Kirstie Simson, Mary Cochran, and Nancy Stark-Smith, and has performed the works of Isabelle Schad,Susan Rethorst, Kyle Abraham, Will Rawls, and Wendy Jehlen. Zwoisy has performed and shown work at venues both in Berlin and New York City, such as HAU, Sophiensaele, New York Live Arts, the Tank and the Glicker-Milstein Black Box Theatre. Currently, Zwoisy is based in Berlin.

Read more: Zwoisy’s website
Vimeo: vimeo.com/zwoisymearsclarke

CLOUD Club #10 HIGHER | Michele Rizzo | 28 november

Saturday 28 november | 19:00 | €7,-

The 10th edition of CLOUD Club will be special! In a 4-HOURS session we will approach a mix of choreographic elements borrowed directly from the CLUB and from DANCE TRAINING. While dancing on TECHNO MUSIC, we will train the activity of LOSING OURSELVES, attempting to enter a state close to TRANCE while studying movement. Sneakers obligatory!

HIGHER WORKSHOP is a movement research practice based on club dancing.

Entrance €7,-
Please bring your own drinks
Doors open 18:30
Session starts from 19:00-23:00, no entrance possible after 19:00.CLOUD Club is an experimental dance session in the dance studio. An unpredictable dance club. Amateurs and professionals united for the fun of learning. Since its beginnings in 2014, we have had an increased number of enthusiastic participants who get to know CLOUD – bridging audience and dancers worldwide.About Michele Rizzo
Michele Rizzo (1984) graduated in 2011 at the SNDO (School for new Dance Development, Amsterdam), where he is now a guest teacher in choreography and movement research, and in 2015 at Sandberg Institute of Amsterdam, in the Dirty Art Department master program. Since 2012 he is supported by the ICK International Choreographic Art Centre of Amsterdam. His artistic practice touches various disciplines, including performance, music and visual art. Through out 2014 and 2015 his research has zoomed into the phenomenon of club dancing, which he has developed into performances, installations and workshops. His choreographic work, produced by Frascati Theatre Amsterdam and International Choreographic Centre ICK Amsterdam, revolves often around existential or ontological topics, such as the definition of the self, its inscription in the cultural-sociological context, the concepts of origin and flow and their implication in the development of creative practices.In the past few years he has been working with various artists, such us Julian Hetzel, Gertjan Franciscus, Vincent Riebeek, Igor Dobricic, and the musicians LVM and Lorenzo Senni.

CLOUD Club 6 with Antonin Comestaz

Saturday 4 April, 20:00

CLOUD Club is back, full of energy and fun for 2015!

CLOUD Club is an open jam session, for anyone looking for dance as movement, fun and/or work out. It’s not a party, it’s a free improvisation, experimental and unpredictable dance club. For amateurs and professionals, beginners or advanced dancers of all sorts.

It is your opportunity to enjoy a real dance studio, to get together and liberate the dancer beast in you. Since its beginnings in 2014, we have had an increased number of enthusiastic participants who get to know CLOUD – bridging audience and dancers worldwide.

This edition will be hosted by one of our enthusiastic clubbers and choreographer Antonin Comestaz. Through a series of tasks and games based on improvisation, he will bring the Clubbers to discover and rediscover their body, creativity and fantasy in a playful, interactive session. In April Antonin Comestaz will also be a resident at CLOUD. Read more about him and his residency.

Date: Saturday 4 April
Doors open at: 20:00
Session starts at 20:30 (doors close, entrance no longer possible)
Entrance fee: €5,-

– we advise you to wear comfortable clothes and shoes are not allowed.
– bring your own drinks!





Come to CLOUD Club!

Once a month, you have the chance to move and groove at CLOUD Studio! It’s show time. It’s work out. It’s the best hang out in town! It’s CLOUD Club!

Come on show off your dance skills!

The forth edition (on September 20th) was hosted by the awesome Damani Leidsman, who gave a warm-up of 45 minutes, a journey through many faces of Africa, driving  flow, communication, rhythm, grounding, and most of all, a lot of fun!
We continued the evening vibrating freely on varied music styles.




Entrance Fee: € 5

CLOUD Studio in DCR:
De Constant Rebecqueplein 20b
2518 RA Den Haag