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Residency|Secret Fiction Lab| Aron Birtalan


Secret Fiction Lab | Winter 2017

a series of 2-3 hours sessions

between 27th Jan and 4th Feb 2017 – CLOUD/Danslab, Den Haag

info, schedule and signup – secretfiction.eu

Starting from 2017, Secret Fiction Lab is inviting participants to engage in sessions, where get to explore different realities, fictional scenarios and situations in a safe and playful environment, that is created by us and exists only for us.
Elements of performing arts, movement practices, games and role playing are implemented in the everyday, and through that, transforming its reality.
We play games, try out exercises, play out small rituals. After the session we collect, and share our experiences with each other.
Each session is tailored to accommodate newcomers, so you can join anytime you like!

If you like playing, moving around in a room with others, and/or interested in a largely unexplored territory between rituals, art and the everyday, this is the place for you!

Schedule, Sign Up an F.A.Q. on secretfiction.eu
RSVP via: www.facebook.com/events/112511509247583

Leonie Kuipers Performative Merging Games

With a group of people I want to explore how you can achieve an evolution in movement through playful exercises. With simple movement actions such as walking, standing still, moving in spatial figures and moving in layers in height, we explore how movement develops in space. I research the idea of connection and patterns, logic and dynamics that arise. The goal is to develop movement games that lead to interesting results in terms of choreography. I invite you to move and puzzle along!


In deze werksessie wordt onderzocht hoe speelse oefeningen leiden tot ontwikkeling in beweging. Dit doen we aan de hand van simpele bewegingsacties als lopen, stilstaan het bewegen in ruimtelijke figuren en het verplaatsen in hoogtelagen. We onderzoeken het idee van verbinding en kijken naar logica, patronen en dynamieken die ontstaan. Ik nodig je uit om mee te bewegen en te puzzelen!


© Leonie Kuipers